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In English

   Welcome to Company "Seasons"!

   Our company LLC «Seasons» has existed since 2006 in Russia, Vladimir city, produces innovative frames with the decor and related accessories.

Today optical market closely follows for fashion. Therefore our collection of frames for a strong personality.

For the individual, which are not alien to the pursuit of elegance and to self-expression. This is the perfect collection for people, who don't want to perceive themselves as too boring and simple.

A decorated frame together with decoration gives the holder of this set, a sense of confidence and dignity, thereby improving its emotional mood.

Masters-artists decorate each frame in the style of decorative art and painting. In addition to the frames are various decorations and accessories that are made in the same technique. This is all sorts of pendants, necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Please note that for the decor used natural materials:

- firstly, the high-quality natural leather, which gives the product a refined look.

- secondly, natural stones, which, as you know, are the mascots and amulets for humans.

The fact that many minerals possess magical powers and healing properties has been known since ancient times. In today's world, interest in the medicinal properties of stone rose with renewed vigor.

Today scientists study the role of certain minerals in the biological Exchange processes taking place in the human body and their impact on the emotional state.

In addition, the amazing drawings created by nature on the stones are unique, this attracts attention.

And when the stone is surrounded by the beautiful colors of leather, this further emphasizes the exclusivity of the product.

The company produces decorated frames complete with accessories. And decorated frames without accessories, with decor natural leather, natural stones and painting. Each model is made by the author in the single copy. Beautiful patterns reflect the various subjects.

It's very important, that no two identical frames. Today, many people try to look expressive and beautiful. Our company will help you to choose for yourself the best frames that are made in one copy.

And it's nice to wear unique eyewear and accessories!

Be the legislator of the new fashion! It is always wonderful!

Today, we are fulfilling the orders received from optical and jewelry companies all over Russia and some other countries.

We are constantly introducing new collections at exhibitions in Moscow and other Russian cities. Many firms are cooperating with us, various optical salons and boutiques purchase our products. Interest in our products is constantly growing. Our customers are people of various ages, tastes, professions, but all share an interest to new, beautiful, stylish and unusual.


CEO of "Seasons"

Olga Vakhrusheva